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End of life doula

An end-of-life doula is a non-medical professional that is trained to help provide comfort, education, emotional, physical, and spiritual support throughout the dying process. There are alot of fears when navigating this transition in life and a doula is there to help guide and support not only the terminally ill person but family and loved ones as well. 

Each package is individually tailored to give the dying person the dignity, peace, and comfort they deserve as they transition out of this life into the next. In addition to providing culturally sensitive care, we offer a way to celebrate life with the dying person while they are still with us rather than when they are not here to participate. We work with you throughout the process so when it is time to pass on everything is in order and you can spend the last moments without worry, surrounded by loved ones, and peace knowing you have prepared and are ready.

Call to schedule a consultation where we can discuss what the doula service would include and what support we can offer you. 

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